Time to sit down and write the best novel you can, but there's problems afoot!

In this weird shooter-style game from Sylver's Edge, take control of the main character's brain as he pens his debut novel!

Fire off synapses and destroy bad influences (and power downs), while letting the good influences and powerups through!

Fill up the progress meter while all the crazy brain activity happens, and unlock various endings depending on how far you progress!

Controls: (see "Instructions" section in-game)

Created as a project for my Creative Media Portfolio II course, since I'm taking summer classes.

Of course, the MC is a self-insert since I am planning to get started on a web serial project for the latter half of this year. The game is also a bit of a riff on how I tend to struggle with getting myself to do copious amounts of work, as well as my procrastination habits and my own past failures with writing novels.

I'm hoping to make even more games that are about facets of my personality, and ongoing struggles, so follow me for more content!

Also, there are a few personal "easter eggs" I slipped into some of the endings. Double also, the game is still rather rough around the edges, and I may find time to fix those in the near future.

Otherwise, enjoy the game! ^_^

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